1979 and the Last of the Gothic Vampires | The Vampire Lover

Credit: Scream Factory
Film poster for Dracula (1979).
The suave and charming Count Dracula as portrayed by Frank Langella. Credit: Universal Pictures.
“I come of my own accord.” The Count casts his spell on Lucy. Credit: Universal Pictures.
Wardrobe deja vu. Left: Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon in Wuthering Heights (1939). Credit: The Samuel Goldwyn Company. | Right: Frank Langella in Dracula (1979). Credit: Universal Pictures.
Olivier’s Van Helsing takes a closer look at what he’s dealing with. Credit: Universal Pictures.
Nelligan’s Lucy lunges for refreshment. Credit: Universal Pictures.
One of the many lavish shots from the film. Credit: Universal Pictures.



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