1979 and the Last of the Gothic Vampires | American Gothic

The Marsten House — the Bad Place — overlooking Salem’s Lot. Credit: Warner Bros.
The Marsten House looks familiar up close. Credit: Warner Bros.
Ben Mears (David Soul) faces his fears. Credit: Warner Bros.
Barlow (Reggie Nadler) spreads his plague. Credit: Warner Bros.
Straker (James Mason) serves his master, Barlow. Credit: Warner Bros.
Author Stephen King in 1976 with editions of his first two novels Carrie (1974) and Salem’s Lot (1975).
Ralphie Glick (Ronnie Scribner) arrives for feasting — on his brother Danny (Brad Savage) — in one of the film’s most memorable moments. Credit: Warner Bros.
The monster kid, Mark Petrie (Lance Kerwin), fights off the monsters. Credit: Warner Bros.
Director Tobe Hooper (second from right) on set with cast and crew. Credit: Warner Bros.



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