‘Run’: The Horror of the Disabled

Susan Peters (L), a real wheelchair user, as Leah in ‘The Sign of the Ram’ (1948).
L: Joan Crawford as Blanche in ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane’ (1962). | R: Levente Puczkó-Smith as Ruben in ‘Midsommar’ (2019).
L: Kate Siegel as Maddie in ‘Hush’ (2016). | R: Stephen Lang as Norman Nordstrom aka “The Blind Man” in ‘Don’t Breathe’ (2016).
James Caan as Paul Sheldon and Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes in ‘Misery’ (1990).
Keira Allen as Chloe Sherman and Sarah Paulson as Diane Sherman in ‘Run’ (2020).



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Manor Vellum

Manor Vellum

A membrane of texts about the human condition and the horror genre. A MANOR feature. Email pitches and/or inquiries to contact@MANORHQ.com.