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Manor Vellum


  • Joelle Jacoski

    Joelle Jacoski

  • James Deagle

    James Deagle

    I like to write about life and make music.

  • Hannah Meyer

    Hannah Meyer

    Hannah Meyer is a student and freelance sperm donor living in her aunt's basement.

  • Jonathan Rosa

    Jonathan Rosa

    Puerto Rican writer who specializes in reviewing movies, tv-series, videogames and literature with a focus on Horror, Sci-Fi and Queer topics.

  • Silvio Britto

    Silvio Britto

  • Paridhi Puri

    Paridhi Puri

    Trying to be vulnerable in life and my words, I talk about pop culture, politics, art and the ghost stories in my family. she/her.

  • TiffanyAleman


    Horror-Comedy 👻 Contributing writer @Nightmar1sh @FlexxMag @getFANDOM @1428_Elm @duhdnews Contact:

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